Choice Time Activities

People often ask me, "What do you do when kids finish early?" I try to keep the Art room a fun place where kids are actively engaged and exercising their creative thinking skills. When kids finish early I usually tell them they have "Choice Time". During that time students can choose from a number of activities, such as: 

-Continue working on a drawing project:
Some kids have a in-progress drawings that they leave inside the class folder. They like to work on this little by little when they are done early.  I keep all of the supplies labeled and organized on the "Kid Counter" so they can easily find what they need to work on their project.
-Free-time weaving:
"The Friendly Loom" is a large wooden loom that allows several kids to weave at the same time. Over 400 students of all ages have contributed to the weaving projects this year. It is available at for $275
-Free-time sculpture:
I have several containers of "Play Foam", and students can use it to build things. When time is up they have to squish it back into the bin though so the next class as the same opportunities to sculpt it into something new.
-The "What do I do now" bucket:
I have a bucket filled of tons of ideas for drawing topics. Next to it students can find paper, and buckets of slightly used markers and crayons. It helps students who have trouble coming up with ideas of what they should draw.
-Work on a puzzle:
Thanks to the generosity of some parents, the Art room has several puzzles with large pieces. Students can bring the puzzles onto the rug area and work in groups putting them together. Some art art related, some are more science or social studies related.
- Magnetic Mosaics:
Students can create mosaics using small colored magnets. There are patterns for them to follow, or they can create their own design from their imagination.
-Activity Sheets
Ranging from Art Vocabulary Word Searches, to "Create a Mystery Masterpiece" graph art, students are sure to find something to stimulate their creative mind in the Activity bin. 

Click here to download a few of my activity sheets!